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What is generator island operation?

If the generator is separated from the power grid and responsible for the use of surrounding loads,

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If the generator is separated from the power grid and responsible for the use of surrounding loads, it is an isolated island operation, which means that the generator has no support and depends entirely on itself. It is an extremely unstable situation. Once the generator fails, it will lead to the collapse of the power grid and power interruption in all regions.

Generator is a mechanical equipment that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. It is driven by water turbine, steam turbine, diesel engine or other power machinery to convert the energy generated by water flow, air flow, fuel combustion or nuclear fission into mechanical energy, which is transmitted to the generator, and then converted into electrical energy by the generator.

Generators are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and daily life. There are many forms of generator, but its working principle is based on the law of electromagnetic induction and the law of electromagnetic force.

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Related terms

1. Generator: the general name of equipment that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The electric energy generated can be DC or AC.

2. Grounding: refers to the connection between the circuit and the earth or with some conductive objects connected with the earth.

3. Idle speed control: a system that can control the idle speed of the engine directly according to the electrical load.

4. Ignition coil: a device that provides DC voltage to the spark plug.

5. Permanent magnet generator: an alternator with a permanent magnet used to generate the current required for the ignition of an internal combustion engine.


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