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Extended generator life

How to use the newly purchased diesel generator can prolong the service life of the generator set:Th

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How to use the newly purchased diesel generator can prolong the service life of the generator set:

The newly purchased diesel generator set needs to pay attention to the following points. Correct use and maintenance of the generator set can prolong the service life of the generator set:

1. preparation before starting

(1) The operators of the machine room shall comply with the safety operation regulations, wear work clothes and insulating shoes, and the crew shall have a clear division of labor.

(2) Check whether the protective railings of flywheel and generator are intact.

(3) Check the gearboxes, clutches, governors, oil levels, fasteners, etc., and confirm that they are in good condition. Only when the oil-water temperature is not lower than 20 degrees can they be started.

(4) Set the gate of each system pipeline to the "working" position.

(5) Check and tighten the connecting bolts of the transmission mechanism.

(6) Check whether the clutch handle pressure is normal and whether the overspeed safety device is positioned.

(7) Check whether the pressure of the gas cylinder is normal and whether the overspeed safety device is positioned.

(8) Open the blowdown valve of the air pump.

(9) Check whether the circulating water pump, oil pump and fuel pump are normal.

(10) Place the excitation resistance at the maximum resistance position and disconnect the power transmission switch.

2. startup and operation

(1) For units shut down for more than 24h, first open the test valve and start the oil pump. For units that have been shut down for more than 7 days, the insulation resistance of exciter and operating circuit shall be measured, which must meet the requirements.

(2) Start the fuel pump, discharge the air in the pipeline, and observe whether the voltage is within the specified range. If it is normal, it can be officially started.

(3) Check whether the voltage of the starting power supply meets the requirements. If the voltage is normal, press the start button and release it after the diesel engine operates normally.

(4) When the diesel engine is running, observe the indicated value of the oil pressure gauge. When it rises above the specified value, stop the oil pump, close the drain valve of the scavenging pump, and screw in the front clutch screw.

(5) After the generator is started, it is considered that the generator and all electrical equipment have been charged, and the human body shall not touch the charged parts.

(6) After the generator is started, the speed of the diesel engine shall be gradually increased and the inspection before power transmission shall be carried out.

(7) Gradually adjust the speed of the diesel engine, but pay attention to observe whether the generator operates normally during adjustment. Under normal conditions, the electric brush on the collector ring and commutator shall be free from runout, sparks and abnormal noise.

(8) Adjust the output voltage and frequency of the generator. The voltage value shall be stable and reach 380v+-10v, and the frequency shall reach 50hz+-0.5hz.

3. generator recovery

Generator recycling and reuse can greatly save the waste of resources, make rational use of them, and help and promote energy.


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