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What material are shoes usually made of

Lining: mainly cotton cloth, goat skin, cotton wadding, felt, artificial wool, elastic cashmere, etc

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Lining: mainly cotton cloth, goat skin, cotton wadding, felt, artificial wool, elastic cashmere, etc. The second half of leather shoes is mostly soft mountain and sheep leather, and the first half is mostly canvas; The lining of cloth shoes mostly adopts natural white cloth or bleached cloth; Rubber shoes are lined with fine canvas. Cold proof leather shoes in winter use felt or tanned fur as lining; Cloth cotton boots (shoes) are usually made of a layer of cotton cloth after wading into cotton, or felt or elastic wool. Some shoes also use resin foam composite materials or artificial wool as lining.

Primer: mainly hard leather, soft leather, imitation leather, cloth, rubber, plastic, rubber plastic and rubber plastic foaming materials. Hard leather is processed from cow and pig skin. It is mostly used for leather shoes and a small amount is used to make leather soled cloth shoes. In addition, imitation leather soles are widely used in leather shoes. Cloth is the main material of traditional cloth sole.

With the old cloth as the raw material, it is processed and beaten into a base or padded into a bottom blank, and then put into a thousand layer bottom or a rough cloth bottom by hand or machine with hemp rope. Plastic is mainly polyvinyl chloride resin, which is mostly used in plastic shoes and cloth shoes. Rubber includes natural rubber and synthetic rubber, which are used for rubber shoes and cloth shoes. There are two kinds of soft leather, artificial leather and natural leather. They are mostly used in cloth slippers and soft soled cloth shoes. Rubber and plastic foam materials are mostly used in leather shoes and cloth shoes.

Auxiliary materials: mainly including shoe eyelets (rings, brazing), shoelaces, rubber band cloth, Velcro, zipper, silk, cotton and hemp suture (rope), nail, rivet, non-woven fabric, paperboard, leather for inner head and main heel, various decorations, supports, adhesives, paste, etc.


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