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Principle of air cushion shoes

Air cushioned shoes originally used air sole cushioning technology, which was the original form of n

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Air cushioned shoes originally used air sole cushioning technology, which was the original form of nikeair. The invention of this cushioning technology not only improves the shock absorption performance of the shoe midsole, but also reduces the weight of the midsole.

More importantly, the emergence of air cushion is not only the gospel of athletes, the cornerstone of Nike Empire, but also a symbol of high-performance sports shoes. It has become a goal that sports manufacturers all over the world strive to surpass, stimulating the vigorous development of sports shoe technology.

We know that the lightweight nike air cushion can provide both cushioning and protection, while the super adaptability makes it suitable for various styles of sneakers. And the air cushion has been expanding its family and has become the largest technology series of Nike.

Encapsulated-- compressed air cushion. The air cushion is compressed into the midsole of the shoe and cannot be seen from the outsole.

Max-- special gas is injected into a tough synthetic rubber under high pressure, and the air cushion pressure is respectively 5psi 10psi. 20psi. 25psi air chamber with different pressure and more shock absorption performance.

In addition, the shoes based on max air technology usually use less damping materials based on foam rubber in the midsole interlayer, so the weight of the shoes can be appropriately reduced. Max air is usually visible and is usually used in the forefoot and heel of the shoe.

Total-- full foot air cushion. It is an upgraded version of max air. It is composed of several air cushions with different pounds. According to the pounds of air cushions required by various parts, it provides athletes with more safe and comfortable protection and shock absorption.

Tuned -- evolved from max air, it is composed of several groups of hemispheres made of polyurethane materials placed against each other, providing additional shock absorption performance of sneakers in specific areas.

Zoom - an advanced shock absorption system based on nike air technology, providing fast response cushioning closer to the ground. The Zoom Air sole unit is composed of two layers of high-density nylon elastic fiber three-dimensional fabric sealed by polyurethane airbag.

This combination enables the elastic fiber to react quickly and disperse the pressure rapidly when the air cushion is under strong impact. This effect is a bit similar to trampoline. Zoom air is usually placed in the forefoot of basketball shoes, but it is also used in the heel in a few cases.

Shox -- Nike's shock absorption technology, a special cylindrical sports component made of high-density polyurethane foam rubber. In the application of basketball shoes, its special design structure can provide excellent stability and high-level impact protection.


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