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What is the function and significance of handmade?

The production of any handmade work is a creative activity with complex structure.From the selection

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The production of any handmade work is a creative activity with complex structure.

From the selection of materials to the determination of manufacturing methods and steps; The whole process from hands-on production to continuous modification and improvement is full of creative spirit; The blending of image thinking and logical thinking; It has its unique advantages in quality training and plays an irreplaceable role in other disciplines. In the process of manual production, various waste materials, such as cans, Sprite bottles, foamed plastics, plywood leftovers, etc., are used to turn waste into treasure and make beautiful craft works, which is rich in educational significance. It is not only the rational and full use of resources, but also the enhancement of environmental protection awareness. This is the quality that citizens in today's and tomorrow's society should have. Marx once said that labor not only creates beautiful nature, beautiful life and art, but also creates people who understand art and can appreciate beauty. Handmade, in a sense, is a process of appreciating beauty, identifying beauty and creating beauty.




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