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How to make handicrafts for the Mid Autumn Festival

The theme of the Mid Autumn Festival is handmade. Lanterns, greeting cards, decorations and jade rab

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The theme of the Mid Autumn Festival is handmade. Lanterns, greeting cards, decorations and jade rabbits eat moon cakes in addition to enjoying the moon and lanterns

Want a stronger holiday atmosphere

You may also need these small ideas

The creativity of lanterns

Lanterns symbolizing the Mid Autumn Festival are naturally indispensable

I want to make the lanterns colorful, but I don't want to be too Chinese

You can try the idea of pasting

A lot of pure colored lanterns were searched for a treasure

Get the paint and stickers ready

(just find some patterns for old magazines and cut them off)

Stick it on the lantern

Then decorate it with lace or ribbon

Without losing Chinese style and beauty, it is not old-fashioned

This idea is worth having

The combination of flowers and lanterns is more beautiful and unique

Regular objects are used unconventionally

It's called creativity

The flower branches are cut short and the lanterns are used as vases

It looks so beautiful that it loses its color in the harem

Stick the pennant to the lantern along the skeleton

Hanging like a small suspended earth

When I was a child, I had no idea of the size of the festival

Any festival can make us rejoice

Give children hot-air balloons with lanterns DIY

The happy family atmosphere is naturally set off by children's laughter

Everyone is an artist

Give the lantern a few strokes at will

Splash some color

Hanging is not much inferior to art

DIY lantern

It can also create a festive atmosphere without buying

Use disposable paper tray, paper jam and toilet paper cartridge

Can set off the festival properly

Large and small lanterns are used for festival decoration

Proper color

Daily decoration is not inconsistent

Bring your children to a craft class before the Mid Autumn Festival

The significance of popularizing the mid autumn festival for Chinese people

The fabric with traditional pattern is combined with embroidery bandage

Lanterns of different lengths

It can better decorate the beauty of beauty

Moon decoration

There is a poem

Hours don't know the moon. Call it a white jade plate

The tray is sprayed with gold paint

The round mirror is glued to the tray and decorated with small tassels

There is a full moon in the absence of a moon

It is the most interesting part of this DIY

From the lack of the moon to the full moon, and then from the full moon to the lack of the moon

Make a string of Twilight days with gold foil

DIY a decorative painting with clay and picture frame

Hang a light moon at home

Invitation card

Cut out the shape of little jade rabbit with various colored cardboard

An invitation card with a name tag around your neck can be a wave

I don't want to write on the card

Then let's have a wire rack for the rabbit table

It seems that the shape can be obtained by wrapping it with hand-made soft iron wire

In fact, it still needs technical content

Try a few more times to create a unique card rack ~


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