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Cultural history of folk handicrafts

Handmade craft has a long history in China‘s folk production and is the treasure of Chinese culture

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Handmade craft has a long history in China's folk production and is the treasure of Chinese culture and art. It is famous at home and abroad for its long history, exquisite skills, rich categories and handed down masterpieces. For thousands of years, traditional handicrafts products have always been a major characteristic industry representing the Chinese nation. Traditional handicrafts are not only cultural works of art, but also daily necessities, which are closely related to people's life. It is indeed a very strange phenomenon that fashion handicrafts are so popular and popular in modern cities. Some people say that this is because of nostalgia, which is a kind of memory of the past manual years;

In today's pursuit of personalization, handicrafts have become irresistibly popular around us with their unique artistic charm, decorative and practical performance and the fun of handicrafts. They penetrate into all aspects of our life like the wind and bring huge market prospects.

With the continuous development of science and technology, machines, as production tools, have increasingly reduced people's manual labor; The ever-growing electronic computer can not only accurately carry out mathematical operations, but also translate one language into another, replacing people's mental work. The emergence of modern robots can not only replace human hands to operate dangerous work or experiments, but also use it to engage in artistic creation. If you use it to write, paint and embroider... Imagine that in the near future, all works of art created by human hands will gradually be replaced by scientific and technological products such as computers. Then, the skills of pottery, weaving, paper binding, toys and other handicrafts that were closely related to people's life in the past have gradually become unknown. With the impact of modernization, traditional crafts are quietly passing away from us. The communication between people and things and the harmony between life and nature also disappear. Nowadays, there are a wide range of daily necessities and handicrafts, but there is no warmth and feelings left by the producer... "

Handmade arts and crafts is the art of producers. It comes from the people and serves the people. It always integrates practicality and aesthetics. It has the duality of material and spirit. It is not a pure artistic phenomenon. Folk arts and crafts are rooted in the most grass-roots level of society. They live and grow in different nationalities and regions, build a solid foundation of mass culture, and have had a far-reaching impact on other cultures and arts.

On behalf of Chinese characteristics, Chinese knots, kites, clay figurines, paper cutting, embroidery, dough figurines and so on. The most Chinese characteristics should be kites, paper cuts and rabbit masters

As a new generation, we should strive to carry forward the spirit of handicrafts!


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