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Characteristics of lanterns

The characteristics of lanterns are folk, collective, production technology, comprehensiveness, cere

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The characteristics of lanterns are folk, collective, production technology, comprehensiveness, ceremony, entertainment and rationality.

1. Folk nature: the lantern is made in the castle, but it originates from the hands of folk actors. It is more carried out in folk custom, prosperity and folk custom, and is different from folk custom. Its material, process, tone and style often have the impression of folk affection.

2. Collectivity: Lantern is a well-known handicraft among the people. In ancient times, it was also a toy that the emperor and his concubines and maidservants would please with important officials; The display of the Lantern Festival is also an activity for the king to enjoy with the people. In today's era, the lantern fair is also a skill to please the people, which is loved by the people, and collectivity is its most key feature.

3. Production process: in the production process of Lantern Festival, welding, binding, mounting, cutting and engraving, painting, spraying and other processes are mixed, which has the beauty of process.

4. Comprehensiveness: the visual elements of the Lantern Festival integrate sculpture, calligraphy and painting, dance beauty and clothing art. It is the most infectious art type today.

5. Ceremonial: the display of colored lights in the Lantern Festival is needed for the decoration of the castle. The advent of the Lantern Festival is a whitewash effect. Contemporary lanterns are still mainly used for Lantern Festival, meeting Festival and ceremony.

6. Entertainment: it has strong aesthetic feeling, fun and children's intelligence development function. The accumulation of popularity is the foundation of happiness. Aesthetic feeling and fun are the elements of happiness.

7. Rationality: the effectiveness of lantern art is related to the formation of the tertiary industry. Good lantern art can produce excellent social and economic effects and obtain great economic benefits.


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