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Artistic features of weaving crafts

In terms of raw materials: natural light yellow, light brown and milky white colors and textures suc

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In terms of raw materials: natural light yellow, light brown and milky white colors and textures such as corn husk, wheat straw, wicker and hemp give people the beauty of natural quality and simple artistic enjoyment. For example, the baskets, baskets, baskets and flowerpot covers of willow weaving in Shandong Province not only present the elegant light brown of willow, but also reflect the concise weaving process, rough style and natural wild interest.

In terms of Technology: various techniques such as weaving, twining and nail string are used to weave colorful patterns and shapes. Although the color of wheat straw, corn husk, bamboo strips, wicker and other raw materials is single, due to the diversity of weaving process, the techniques of density contrast, longitude and latitude crossing, interspersed covering, thickness contrast and so on are adopted to form a concave convex, undulating, looming, virtual and real relief like artistic effect on the weaving plane, which increases the color level and also shows exquisite manual skills.

In terms of decoration methods: the weaving process also uses cloth paste, embroidery, blue printed cloth, flannel embroidery and other processes to make it more colorful. Embroideries, cloth stickers, woolen embroidery or colorful straw patterns are decorated on straw and corn skin baskets, showing elegance in elegance. Shandong Laixi's corn skin buckle basket is made of blue printed cloth, which makes the Milky corn skin buckle weaving more white and exquisite against the dark blue background. The corn skin woven wall hanging is decorated with corduroy cloth stickers, which is novel.

In terms of color: most of the weaving crafts are mainly milky white, coffee, light green, light earthy yellow, grey green, light blue and other intermediate colors and harmonious colors, and contrast colors are appropriately used in small areas to achieve both harmonious and comparative effects, and also show elegant and simple artistic features.


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