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Purchase and maintenance skills of bamboo handicrafts

Most families now have several pieces of bamboo products, and many people worry about the selection

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Most families now have several pieces of bamboo products, and many people worry about the selection and maintenance of bamboo products. According to experts, moths and termites are the most dangerous enemies of bamboo products, especially bamboo furniture.

When choosing bamboo handicrafts or furniture, it is best to choose varnished or cooked tung oil, which is mothproof and durable. If you buy small and medium-sized bamboo, you'd better treat it with high-temperature sealed steam to completely kill the bacteria in the bamboo, or put the bamboo in boiled water with salt for 1-2 days to prevent moths.

In the use of bamboo handicrafts and furniture, bamboo baskets, rice baskets, rice baskets and other utensils should be brushed and dried in time, and large bamboo furniture should be ventilated and dried during placement. In addition, if a worm is found, a small amount of insecticide solution (dichlorvos) can be dropped into the worm hole, or sharp pepper or prickly ash can be pounded into powder and stuffed into the worm hole, which can provide a safe protection for bamboo furniture.

For bamboo mats that are currently purchased and used more, insiders remind consumers that they should purchase bamboo mats in regular shopping malls or supermarkets as far as possible, and pay attention to the following choices: 1. Do not buy "three no products"; Second, smell the bamboo mat with the nose, and it is better if there is no special smell; Third, it is better to have good color, uniform overall color, no black spots, mildew spots, and no insect hole burrs; Fourth, touch the cool mat surface with your hands. It needs to be level and smooth. The smoother it is, the cooler it is. After scientific processing, the bamboo mat can achieve no mildew, no discoloration, easy folding and easy cleaning. In addition, it is best to scald the new mat with boiling water before using it.

Before collecting the mat, wipe the sweat stains on the mat, then dissolve a small amount of alkali or soap in warm water, wipe it vertically and horizontally with a towel dipped in water, and dry it after wiping the front and back sides. When collecting, grind twoorthree camphor balls into powder and talc powder, mix well, and sprinkle them on the mat. The bamboo mat should be placed in a dry place.

Bamboo mats are usually made of bamboo strips, which are soft, smooth and cool. When selecting, it should be noted that a good bamboo mat has a flat and smooth surface, uniform color, square edges, and no obvious insect scar. In the choice of size, it should be consistent with the size of the bed at home. It is better to be shorter and narrower than to be too wide and too long to prevent breaking. At the same time, attention should also be paid to whether the connecting rope is broken, and whether the gap between the bamboo strips is too large. These seemingly small problems directly affect the service life of the bamboo mat.

1. After purchasing a satisfying mat, you should also know how to use and maintain it:

2 when paving, keep the mat flat and avoid folding and pressing.

3 do not wash with water or expose to the sun.

4 prevent mites from growing on the cold mat.

After summer, the straw mat shall not be folded for storage, and shall be rolled up and placed in a cool place. If the room space is small, it is better to directly lay it under the mattress. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent moths. When storing, put a few sanitary balls next to them. If necessary, take them out to dry.


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