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How to clean crystal artware?

Most crystal ornaments are bright and clean, exquisite and transparent. They are fashionable items t

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Most crystal ornaments are bright and clean, exquisite and transparent. They are fashionable items to decorate modern life and improve life quality. Crystal ornaments have increasingly become people's new favorite, but how to maintain them has also become a matter of concern to many people. Here are some cleaning and maintenance methods for your reference. Cleaning of crystal ornaments: to keep the crystal crystal crystal transparent, it must be cleaned frequently. If dust is found on the crystal collection, do not use feather brushes. Instead, gently brush the dust with a soft cloth without fluff. Do not wipe with force to avoid abrading the crystal. There are cut crystal ornaments. The cut parts can be gently cleaned with a toothbrush. Cleaning of oil stains: when there are oil stains left on the crystal ornaments, wash them with lukewarm soapy water and rinse them with clean water to prevent repeated cleaning in hot water or cleaning. If there is a stain that is not easy to remove, you can cut the lemon and apply some salt, gently scrub it, or wipe it with a few drops of salted vinegar. The maintenance of crystal ornaments to prevent man-made damage: the crystal is fragile, and attention should be paid to preventing heavy pressure, falling, high temperature, strong alkali and strong acid. Be careful when moving or lifting crystal ornaments: when moving crystals, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves to prevent oil stains on your hands from polluting the collection. When lifting crystal objects, do not grasp the top or extension of the crystal ornaments, but grasp the crystal base or the whole body. As a fragile product, crystal should be stored carefully and handled with care to prevent collision, heavy pressure and falling. Storage details of crystal ornaments:

1. When storing crystal vases, lay a cloth on the shelf in advance, and put the crystal vases in a sealed glass cabinet or display box to reduce the chance of dust accumulation in the crystal profile, and also reduce human contact to prevent damage.

2. Don't let the crystal home crafts get too close, or when you encounter one of them, the others will also be dumped due to the domino effect. Ensure that the decorative cabinet is stable and reliable and not easy to shake.

3. If you want to store crystal crafts for a long time, do not use foamed adhesive tape or plastic bags. Such bags will increase the temperature and cause damage to the crystal. At the same time, do not store the crystal in the attic or cellar, so as to prevent them from being exposed to the harsh environment. The above is Xiangxiang Xiaobian's introduction to the cleaning and maintenance of crystal ornaments. I hope it can help you!


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