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How to deal with the problem of ceiling sound insulation

How to deal with ceiling sound insulation:1、 Upstairs treatment method: ask the upstairs residents t

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How to deal with ceiling sound insulation:

1、 Upstairs treatment method: ask the upstairs residents to lay 6mm high-density sound insulation blanket (it can be completely solved, but whether the residents are willing or not, this is also the art of communication)

2、 Downstairs ceiling treatment method:

1. The first layer: lay fireproof and sound insulation felt with high specific gravity of 1mm, weight of 3.5kg, sound insulation of stc25dba, 2mm, weight of 7kg, sound insulation of stc31dba.

2. Second floor: nail the frame 5cm above the floor

3. The third layer: the 25mm fireproof sound-absorbing cotton must be backed with glue. The conductive sound is reduced through the glue layer. The remaining air layer in the center is directly laid as a reflection to increase the sound insulation capacity by about 8 ~ 10dba.

4. The fourth layer: gypsum board 15mm

5. The fifth layer: nail calcium silicate board 6mm.

The above decoration can improve 2 / 3 of the noise and make the home life comfortable.


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