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There are too many ceiling beams. Is it a channel steel layer

There are too many ceiling beams, not channel steel layer.Channel steel floor refers to the floor pa

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There are too many ceiling beams, not channel steel layer.

Channel steel floor refers to the floor paved with grooved long strip steel, which is installed at the position of the ceiling as a support. The building channel steel floor is determined according to the total height of the house, which is generally three floors. The specific floor of the channel steel floor can be determined by watching the building appearance.

In addition, channel steel is a kind of channel steel, which is generally used for columns, beams and ladders of steel structures. Because of its special shape and bearing capacity, it is also widely used in support structures.

For the channel steel floor built by commercial houses, there are the same problems as ordinary channel steel houses. When people walk on it, there will be a certain shaking sound. The smaller the channel steel specification, the greater the shaking sound. The larger the size of the channel steel, the less the shaking sound, which will also have a certain impact on life. However, the channel steel now used in commercial buildings will generally be the channel steel with large size and good quality, so the impact is not great.

Channel steel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. Generally, a layer of channel steel is set on the scaffold on the seventh to eighth floors of the building. Channel steel belongs to carbon structural steel for construction and machinery, and belongs to section steel with complex section. Its section shape is groove shape, which is mainly used for building structure, curtain wall engineering, vehicle manufacturing, other industrial structures and fixed panels and cabinets.


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