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Six skills of ceiling decoration

Ceiling plate styleIn addition to white, the ceiling can be decorated with colored patterns. For exa

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Ceiling plate style

In addition to white, the ceiling can be decorated with colored patterns. For example, white is used as the base, and then painted with some light colored flower dots of different sizes, or painted into some irregular deep and shallow strip-shaped flower dots. The former looks like the stars in the sky, and the latter looks like the patterns sprayed by colorful paint.

Ceiling decoration

The ceiling can be decorated in the form of decal paper and plastic cloth. There are many kinds of designs and colors of stickers and cloth, which can be selected according to everyone's favorite and room decoration requirements, but attention should be paid to coordinating with the biogas surface color or pattern. The newly married room can also be decorated with paper cutting, hanging colored lights and colored flowers to enhance the warm and happy atmosphere.

Ceiling color

Generally speaking, soft colors should be adopted for the ceiling to make people feel luxurious and generous. Thick and colorful colors should not be adopted, which is easy to limit flowers and lose elegance. When decorating the ceiling, you can also do experiments first and then start after you feel satisfied. Before you are unsure, it is better to use the original white, so as not to paint a snake and make it self defeating.

Ceiling rise

Generally, the floor height of the new workshop is low. To make the room feel elevated, you can use the decoration of the ceiling to deal with it. There are two easiest ways. First, raise the mirror line to the junction of the wall and the ceiling, so that the blocking and the roof are connected as a whole, which seems to have the effect of raising the roof. Second, make a cam like a mirror line around the center of the ceiling, and paint it with natural color or the required light color, which can not only beautify the room, but also make the roof rise.

Ceiling mounting

The spire room should be converted into a ceiling, which can be combined into a shelf. The upper part can be used to hide objects and the lower part can be decorated. If there is no need to hide things on it, the installation of the ceiling can be easier. The ceiling has a certain weight, so it is necessary to make a square or rectangular wooden frame to fix it firmly, and then lay fiberboard or three plywood and fix it with binding method.

Lighting location

After formulating the basic framework of the ceiling, the position and line of all lighting and the direction of light should be designed and made. If you wait until all the work on the ceiling is completed before doing these work, it is more likely to have the problem of rework, which is more troublesome and wasteful


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