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What should simple ceiling decoration pay attention to

Simple ceiling precautions IIn the simple ceiling decoration, most of them adopt suspended ceiling.

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Simple ceiling precautions I

In the simple ceiling decoration, most of them adopt suspended ceiling. This simple ceiling decoration scheme should first pay attention to the selection of materials and operate in strict accordance with the construction specifications. It must be installed in the correct position and firmly connected. The decorative materials of the ceiling shall be non combustible or flame retardant materials, and the wooden materials are flammable, so fire prevention treatment shall be carried out. Generally, electrical pipelines such as lighting and air conditioning shall be made in the ceiling, which shall be operated in strict accordance with the specifications to avoid potential fire hazards.

Simple ceiling precautions II

In the simple ceiling decoration of the family, most decorative ceilings are generally not equipped with manholes, which affects the beauty. If the pipeline equipment in the ceiling fails, it is impossible to check and determine what part, what reason, and even more impossible to repair. Therefore, it is better to set manholes in the ceiling where pipelines are laid. The manholes can be selected in the parts that are relatively hidden and easy to check, and the manholes can be treated artistically, such as combined with lamp decorations.

Simple ceiling precautions III

Cleanliness and hygiene must be considered in simple ceiling decoration, especially in the kitchen. Although the range hood and exhaust fan are installed, it is still unable to discharge all the steam, and the decorative panel or coating that is easy to absorb moisture will be deformed and peeled. Therefore, simple ceiling materials that do not absorb moisture should be selected. Generally, metal or plastic gusset plates should be used. If other materials are used, moisture-proof measures should be taken for ceiling, such as painting, etc.

Simple ceiling precautions IV

Colored glass and ground glass ceiling with rich colors are very distinctive, and are more and more used in home decoration. However, if the materials are not used properly, it is prone to safety accidents. In order to use safely, safety glass shall be used for ceiling and other parts vulnerable to impact (tempered glass and laminated glass are specified as safety glass).


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