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Ceiling refinement

The ceiling is treated by special process, anti-static, dust-free and dust-free, and can completely

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The ceiling is treated by special process, anti-static, dust-free and dust-free, and can completely meet the requirements of high-precision electronic plant, hospital operating room, biological laboratory and other high dust-free and clean places.

Standard specification:

Dimensions: 595*595mm, 600*600mm, 603*603mm, 603*1209mm

Thickness: 5-10mm

Other specifications available

Main features:

Dust free, create super clean space, oil resistant, scrubbable and antistatic.

Recommended place of use:

Biological laboratory, food processing plant, computer room, hospital operating room, special ward, electronic and other dust-free space.

Recommended keel.

Narrow black grooves strengthen the paint keel.

Narrow white concave groove paint keel.

Narrow edge black groove baked enamel keel.

Product data:

Material: tobe mullite crystal, cement, quartz sand, cellulose fiber

Surface coating: PVC

Basic color: white

Pattern color: white or other

Fire protection: non combustible class A

Unit weight: 1.3g/cm^3

Factory moisture content: <12%

Thermal conductivity: average 0.20w/mk

Radioactivity: standard compliance

In the past, people's impression of the ceiling just stayed on "a piece of white cement", but they did not realize that the ceiling played an extremely important role in home decoration. In addition, ceiling decoration also plays a role in covering beams, columns, pipelines, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc. In addition, the shape design of the ceiling is wonderful and changeable, each of which can create different decorative effects. When you decorate your new house, you might as well change the ceiling of your room.

--Reserve lamp slots for good lighting: This is the most basic function of the ceiling. Various lamps are hidden inside the ceiling to form a reflective light source, creating a warm effect for the room.

--Kitchen clean new sky: Plastic gusset plate is the most popular kitchen ceiling decoration material at present. It not only has good moisture resistance, but also can be cleaned with a cloth dipped in detergent. There is also a kind of metal ceiling material that has become popular. Its decorative effect is better, but the price is slightly expensive.

--Herringbone roof smart decoration: some house types will have traditional herringbone roofs. If they are wrapped with wooden boards, they will be designed into the style of ancient eaves, which can bring a strong ancient interest to the space.

--Ceiling of large space: if the living room is large, complex ceiling can be designed to make the plane ceiling show a three-dimensional feeling.

--Dialogue between straight and curved: if you think the decorative lines at home are too straight and hard, you can design a curved ceiling to make a little change in the visual effect of the room.

--The white ceiling of classical style: the Western gypsum board decorative board with classical flavor is decorated on the ceiling, and the chandeliers with complex shapes enrich the originally empty ceiling.


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