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Who is responsible for repairing the ceiling leakage?

1、 If the ceiling is leaking, should the developer pay for it or the upstairs1. In case of water lea

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1、 If the ceiling is leaking, should the developer pay for it or the upstairs

1. In case of water leakage from the ceiling, the compensation shall be based on the actual situation:

(1) If the leaking pipeline is within the warranty period, the developer shall be liable for compensation;

(2) If the warranty period is exceeded, the owner upstairs shall be liable for compensation.

2. Legal basis: Regulations on quality management of construction projects

Article 40 under normal conditions of use, the minimum warranty period of the construction project is:

(1) The reasonable service life of infrastructure works, foundation works and main structure works of housing construction shall be the reasonable service life of the project specified in the design documents;

(2) 5 years for roof waterproof works, toilets with waterproof requirements, rooms and external walls;

(3) Heating and cooling system, including 2 heating and cooling periods;

(4) 2 years for electrical pipeline, water supply and drainage pipeline, equipment installation and decoration works.

The warranty period of other projects shall be agreed by the employer and the contractor.

The warranty period of a construction project shall be calculated from the date of completion acceptance.

Article 41 If a construction project has quality problems within the scope and duration of warranty, the construction unit shall perform the obligation of warranty and bear the liability for compensation for the losses caused.


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