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What fruit does darling get angry eat

In terms of dietary taboos, if you don't want your baby to get angry easily, try to avoid eating

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In terms of dietary taboos, if you don't want your baby to get angry easily, try to avoid eating the following foods.

1. Fried, fat and sweet

Such as fried chicken legs, French fries, fried balls, stewed pork, etc. These foods can produce high calories and make people energetic, but excessive meat eating will acidify the blood and slow the metabolism in the body, which is also the source of anger. Eating more can block Qi, accumulate heat and turn fire. 2. Spicy food

Spicy foods such as scallions, peppers, peppers, mustard, wine and curry are Yang and contribute to heat.

3. Cold drinks and ice products

Ice is delicious, especially for babies. However, children with high anger eat too much ice, which can easily lead to the imbalance of cold and heat in the body. This situation is particularly common for children with stomach fire.

4. Hot fruit

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that litchi belongs to warm, wet and greasy food. Eating more is easy to "get angry" and indigestion, which can lead to constipation, gum swelling and pain, facial acne, oral ulcer, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, it is not suitable for babies with weak fire and damp heat constitution. In addition, foods such as mango, peanut, chocolate and sweets are also easy to cause anger.

5. Some meat

Mutton is warm in nature. It is easy to get angry if you eat it often, and so is dog meat.

6. Tonic

Some parents eat ginseng, chicken essence, turtle and other supplements for their baby in order to make the baby healthier. This is a big mistake. The child itself is a positive constitution. Taking supplements again leads to cluster internal heat, nosebleed and sore mouth.

Put out "fire" food and fruit

Carambola: it is cold in nature, sour and sweet in taste, clearing away heat and generating saliva. It is most suitable for babies with hot internal fire and broken oral ulcer.

Fresh lotus seeds: eating them raw can dispel anxiety, clear away heat and annoyance, nourish the heart and calm the mind. Persimmon cream: cool in nature, sweet in taste, clearing anxiety, heart and lung heat. It has a therapeutic effect on babies with mouth and tongue sores.

Water chestnut: it is slightly cold in nature and rich in fruit juice. It is very suitable for babies who are upset, thirsty, sore tongue, dry stool, yellow urine and so on. Grapefruit and pear: cold in nature and slightly sour in taste. In addition to clearing away heat, it is characterized by clearing and moistening the lung system. It is very suitable for babies with lung heat, cough, yellow phlegm, dry throat and pain.


Chinese cabbage: slightly cold in nature. It has the function of clearing away heat, removing annoyance and promoting defecation. Lily: mild cold in nature. It has the effect of clearing heat, moistening lung and relieving cough. It has curative effects on the residual heat after fever, sore throat, upset and thirsty. Eggplant: cold in nature, it can clear away heat and detoxify. When eating for babies who are easy to "get angry", do not cook with oil, but steam eggplant.

Celery: cold in nature, it can remove liver fire and relieve lung and stomach stagnation. It is beneficial for babies who are easy to get angry.

Lettuce: slightly cold in nature, crisp and tender in texture and rich in water. Its efficacy is characterized by clearing heat, soothing Qi and resolving phlegm. Suitable for babies with hot lungs and stomach.

Lotus root: it is cold in nature. It's best to eat raw or mash juice. Its effect is to clear away heat, generate fluid, moisten lung and stop cough. If it is taken together with pear juice, its effect is better. Zizania latifolia: cold and cool in nature. It is suitable for babies with hot heart meridians, upset and thirsty, dry stool and yellow urine. It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

Balsam pear: cool in nature and bitter in taste. It is a bitter cold and heat clearing food.


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