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What probiotics does a four-year-old baby eat to regulate intestines and stomach

When is it better for a four-year-old baby to eat probiotics1. Pregnant women begin to add food supp

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When is it better for a four-year-old baby to eat probiotics

1. Pregnant women begin to add food supplements containing Bifidobacterium infantis in the third month of pregnancy and should continue to add them during lactation. So the baby can get enough probiotics from the mother.

2. Probiotics can be added to children in case of malnutrition caused by indigestion, milk intolerance, acute and chronic diarrhea, dry stool and poor absorption function.

3. Caesarean section and children who are not breastfed can not get enough probiotics from their mothers, and the healthy intestinal membrane is not perfect, which may lead to physical weakness, loss of appetite, dry stool and other phenomena. Probiotics should also be supplemented in an appropriate amount.

4. Be prepared for special times when immunity is low or needs to be enhanced.

5. Take some probiotic products when traveling or traveling with children. If children have gastrointestinal discomfort, it can be effectively relieved after taking it.

When taking probiotics for your baby, pay attention to the following:

1. The probiotic powder containing Bifidobacterium infantis is flushed with cold boiled water and taken when drinking water for children. Probiotics should be washed and drunk as soon as possible to avoid losing activity and affecting the effect.

2. You can rub some probiotic powder on the pacifier or nipple to let the baby get enough probiotics when feeding.


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