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Recipes for babies aged 1 week and 4 months

For children over 1 year old, the diet is changing from milk to food, vegetables and meat. The types

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For children over 1 year old, the diet is changing from milk to food, vegetables and meat. The types of food and cooking methods of children will gradually transition to the same as those of adults. Three meals a day, plus 1 or 2 snacks, and a cup of formula in the morning and evening.

The principle of three meals a day for children

·Try to eat as many kinds of food as possible every day

·More than half of the vegetables are yellow and green every day

·The meals for children should be renovated

·Try to be soft and rotten, cut the meat and vegetables carefully, and make the rice soft

·Soymilk can be used instead of some milk

·Match the thickness, and eat some coarse grain appropriately

·Fruit cannot replace vegetables

·Not fried

Preparation of children's food:

1. Fried bread

Cut the bread into 2cm thick slices, cut a slit (not cut) in the middle of each slice, and put a layer of jam in the slit. Then put an egg into 250ml milk, mix well, and put the bread with jam into the milk. Heat an appropriate amount of oil in a pan, fry bread slices into golden yellow on both sides, and then serve.

2. Egg milk cake

Mix flour, milk (or milk powder), eggs and sugar and beat them into a paste. Heat the pan, pour in the batter and spread it into pancakes. You can also make salty cakes with salt and scallion instead of sugar according to the child's taste.

3. Steamed cake

50g oil, warm, 250g sugar, mix well in a basin, and beat in 5 eggs while stirring. Stir into a white thick paste, add 300 grams of flour and stir into a batter. You can put an appropriate amount of chopped fruit. Then pour the batter into the mold and steam.

4. Lotus root and tremella soup

Raw materials: a section of fresh lotus root, 6 ~ 12g tremella, appropriate amount of white sugar.

Practice: Tremella is well distributed, washed, put it into a casserole and simmer over low heat. Wash the fresh lotus root, peel it, cut it into pieces, blanch it with water, take it out, put it into tremella soup, cook it over a low heat, put white sugar, and let it cool off the fire.


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