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Contraindication of supplementary food for infants

prematureInfants who have just left the mother's body have delicate digestive organs, underdevel

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Infants who have just left the mother's body have delicate digestive organs, underdeveloped digestive glands and poor secretory function. Many digestive enzymes have not yet been formed. At this time, they do not have the function of digesting complementary foods. If supplementary food is added too early, the burden of infant's digestive function will be increased. The indigestible supplementary food will either stay in the abdomen and "ferment", causing abdominal distension, constipation and anorexia, or increase intestinal peristalsis, increasing the number and frequency of ambassador, and finally leading to diarrhea. Therefore, infants born within four months should not add supplementary food too early.

too late

Some parents are afraid that their children will not be able to digest and are too cautious about adding complementary foods. The child has already passed four months. He is still only eating breast milk or milk and milk powder. Little does one know that children have grown up, and their needs for nutrition and energy have increased. Breast milk or milk and milk powder alone can no longer meet their needs for growth and development. Complementary foods should be reasonably added. At the same time, the child's digestive organ function has gradually improved, the taste organ has also developed, and the conditions for adding complementary food have been met. In addition, at this time, the child's immunity from the mother has been basically exhausted, and his own resistance needs to be generated by increasing nutrition. At this time, if supplementary food is not added in time, the child's growth and development will be affected, and the lack of resistance will lead to disease. Therefore, the children who are four months old should start to add supplementary food appropriately.


Although children can add complementary food, their digestive organs are still very tender after all. They should be added gradually according to their digestive function. If added arbitrarily, it will also cause indigestion or obesity in children. Let children do whatever they want, give them what they want, and give them as much as they want. It will also cause nutritional imbalance and develop unhealthy eating habits such as partial eating and picky eating. It can be seen that it is also inappropriate to add excessive complementary foods.

Too fine

Some parents are too cautious. The homemade supplementary food or the commercially available infant nutrition food eaten by their children are very fine, so that the child's chewing function cannot be properly trained, which is not conducive to the eruption of their teeth and the arrangement of their teeth after eruption. Food without chewing will not produce taste, which is not conducive to the child's appetite and the development of taste. The development of cheeks is also affected. In this way, children can only eat porridge and noodles, but can't eat vegetables. If there is a little negligence in the preparation, they will feel sick and vomit, so they don't eat at all or spit slag after eating. In the long run, the growth of children will not be ideal, and it will also affect the development of brain intelligence.



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