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In the executive standard of puffed food, it is publicized that infants and young children can eat. Does it meet the national standard for complementary food for infants and young children?

Food standards for infants and young children are also an important basis for judging food.1、 Standa

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Food standards for infants and young children are also an important basis for judging food.

1、 Standard classification

All packaged food produced in China must have the standard number of the product. China's food related standards are divided into four categories: national standards, industrial standards, local standards and enterprise standards.

01 national standard

This concept refers to the standards approved, issued, unified and applicable by the national official standardization agency or the relevant agencies authorized by the national government. Products produced and sold in China must be made in accordance with national standards. In addition to foreign imported goods, it will also be managed according to national standards.

National standard is the most authoritative standard and the most widely used standard. GB or gb/t starts with the product standard number. GB means that the national mandatory standards must comply with the corresponding products. Gb/t is a recommended national standard, and enterprises are encouraged to adopt it.

02 industry standard

It refers to the unified standards of various industries in China. Industrial standards are a supplement to national standards. Industrial standards are automatically abolished after the implementation of corresponding national standards. Industrial standards are only applicable to products that are not regulated by the state. Although they are regulated by the state, the scope of application is small.

The commodity standard number starts with the industry abbreviation. There are a lot of numbers at the beginning, which is very messy. For example, NY agricultural standard, Sb commercial standard, SC aquatic industry standard, Sn commodity inspection industry standard, WM foreign trade industry standard, etc.

03 local standards

Within the scope of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, local standards may be formulated for industrial products that do not have national standards or industrial standards and that require unified safety and health requirements. Local standards shall not conflict with national standards or industrial standards. After the implementation of corresponding national standards or industrial standards, local standards shall be abolished automatically. Local standards shall be formulated by local governments and managed by enterprises. The scope of application is not large.

In addition, there are sometimes conflicts between local standards. The commodity standard number starts from DB.

04 enterprise standard

In the absence of corresponding national, industrial and local standards, the products produced by an enterprise shall serve as the basis for organizing production. In addition, in the case of corresponding national standards, industrial standards and local standards, the State encourages enterprises to formulate enterprise standards that fully reflect the needs of market customers and consumers without violating corresponding mandatory standards, and apply them in strict accordance with national standards, industrial standards and local standards. General enterprise standards shall be formulated by the enterprise itself and implemented after being approved by the local department. This standard is only applicable to the enterprise.

I feel lack of authority. The production standard number starts with Q.

National standards are higher than industry standards, higher than local standards and higher than enterprise standards. When buying food, give priority to national standard products.

2、 Infant standards

There are 7 infant food standards in China, all of which are national mandatory standards. This is for some specific food regulations. Let's see again!

1. Gb10765 infant formula

Babies are 0-12 months old. This standard specifies a formula. The focus is on the restriction of product pollutants and the addition of various nutrients. All domestic milk powder must be produced according to this standard.

Therefore, this is the standard that new Baoma must know.

2. Gb10767 formula for older infants and young children

Older infants refer to infants aged 6-12 months and younger children refer to infants aged 12-36 months. The standard specifies the second and third stage milk powder and other formula products. The emphasis is on the limit of pollutants in the products and the addition of various nutrients. Infants aged 6-36 months must produce all formulas according to this standard.

Baoma is under three years old. She must know the national standard.

3. Gb10769 cereal auxiliary food for infants and young children

The standard specifies the cereal supplementary food for infants aged 6-36 years. Rice noodles and cereal are common foods. The document clearly stipulates that the proportion of grain substances exceeds 25%, and specifies several types of products.

Baby supplementary food, which is basically grain based, should be made according to this standard, including baby biscuits.

4. Gb10770 canned food for infants and young children

The standard specifies the food for infants aged 6-36 months. The regulations on pollutants, raw materials and nutritional components are emphasized.

Canned food mainly consists of mud paste, fine particles and juice, and mainly consists of fruit paste and meat paste. What is in a jar is not necessarily canned food!

5. Gb22570 complementary foods and supplements

This standard mainly specifies the nutritional components, and the main products are various nutritional component powders and protein powders. The infant age is between 6 and 60 months. The scale is slightly larger than the previous standard.

This kind of food does not belong to three meals a day. It is mainly used to supplement the children with insufficient nutrition.

6. Gb25596 general rules for special medical infant formula

This product is prepared for special babies. There is no explanation here. You need to follow the doctor's advice!

7. Gb13432 labels for prepackaged special food

This standard is not for the product, but for the instructions and labels on the packaging. This mainly stipulates the information that should be indicated on the infant food packaging to help the infant mother choose. For example, ingredient list, nutrient content, production license number, product standard number, etc. Knowing it can avoid many wrong choices.


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