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On the relationship between pet beauty and pet health

1. Prevention of ear mitesEvery time the dog takes a bath, bubble it with the diluted Jieeryin solut

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1. Prevention of ear mites

Every time the dog takes a bath, bubble it with the diluted Jieeryin solution, and then blow it dry. After drying the ears with a cotton swab, sprinkle a little crystalline sulfonamide powder into the ear holes, so as to prevent all kinds of skin diseases and ear mites. When taking a bath, pay attention to observe whether the dog's skin has small red spots. If so, it's best to treat it early to avoid spread. It is recommended to use pibaofuteling to smear the affected area. These are human drugs. They are very cheap and can be bought in pharmacies. Moreover, the effect is very good and the quality can be guaranteed. Some veterinary drugs, especially domestic ones, can only delay the disease. Therefore, through my years of exploration and the guidance of professional kennels, I found the above good prescription for your reference. I hope everyone's dogs are as healthy as my dogs.

2. Eye cleaning

Some dogs with large eyeballs and more lacrimal gland secretion often shed a large amount of tears from the eyes, making the hair under the corners of the eyes change color, such as Beijing

Dogs, Chihuahua dogs, Xi Shi dogs, lady dogs, etc., so always check the dog's eyes. When a dog suffers from certain infectious diseases (such as canine distemper)

Especially when suffering from eye diseases, it often causes eyelid redness and swelling, and there is a large amount of mucus or purulent secretion in the corners of the eyes. At this time, it is necessary to contact the eyes

Careful treatment and nursing of eyes. The method is to use a 2% boric acid cotton ball (or cold boiled water) to wipe it gently from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. You can't wipe it back and forth on the eyes. If one cotton ball is not enough, you can change another one until the eyes are wiped clean. After scrubbing, drop eye drops or ointment into the dog's eyes to eliminate inflammation. Some dogs, such as sand skin, often have too many wrinkled skin on their head, resulting in their eyelashes and inverted eyelashes. The inverted eyelashes can stimulate the eyes, resulting in blurred vision, conjunctival inflammation and corneal turbidity. For this, please ask the veterinarian to have an operation to cut off part of the eyelids (similar to people's double eyelid plastic surgery). However, if the operation is unsuccessful, the eyelids can't cover the orbit, resulting in eye exposure.

The simple method is to pull out the inverted eyelashes with tweezers. The inverted eyelashes of Shapi dogs are hereditary. Therefore, when buying Shapi dogs, we should not only find out their lineage, but also understand whether their parents have the disadvantages of inverted eyelashes.

3. Cleaning of ear canal

The ear canal of dogs is easy to accumulate oil, dust and water, especially in big eared dogs. The sagging ear shell often covers the ear canal, or the long hair near the ear canal (such as noble lady dog, Beijing dog, etc.) can also cover the ear canal. In this way, the ear canal is easy to accumulate dirt and moisture due to poor air circulation, which makes the ear canal infected and inflamed. Therefore, the ear canal of the dog should be checked frequently. If the dog is found to scratch the ear often, or shake his head and swing his ear constantly, it indicates that there is a problem in the ear canal of the dog, and it should be checked carefully in time.

Earwax removal method: first disinfect the external auditory canal with alcohol cotton ball, and then drop 3% sodium bicarbonate ear drops or 2% boric acid water on the earwax. After the dried earwax softens, gently take it out with small tweezers. The tweezers cannot be inserted too deeply, and the energy should be highly concentrated. If the dog shakes its head, quickly take out the tweezers to avoid stabbing the tympanic membrane or piercing the mucous membrane of the ear canal. For the ear canal with inflammation, 4% boric acid glycerin ear drops, 2.5% chloramphenicol glycerin ear drops, cortisone neomycin ear drops and other ear drops can be used, three times a day.

In addition, long hair near the ear canal should be trimmed regularly to prevent shampoo and water from splashing into the ear canal when taking a bath.

4. Dog bathing method

1. Purpose of bathing

The secretion of canine sebaceous gland has an unpleasant smell, and it will also be stained with dirt, which will tangle the hair and send out bursts of odor. If you don't bathe the dog, it is easy to lead to the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, making your dog sick. Therefore, it is necessary to bathe the dog and keep the skin clean and hygienic, which is conducive to the health of the dog.

2. Bath time

The dog licks its coat with its tongue is an instinct of self-cleaning, but it is not enough for the dog to clean. He must be bathed. Usually, domestic dogs are washed once a month. In the south where the temperature is high and humid, they can be washed once a week or two.

3. Bathing method

Due to weak resistance, puppies are prone to respiratory tract infection, cold and pneumonia due to bathing and catching cold. Therefore, puppies under the age of half a year should not take a water bath. Dry cleaning is appropriate. Spray more than 1000 times diluted hair conditioner and baby talcum powder every day or the next day, and comb and brush frequently, which can replace water washing.

Puppies are afraid of bathing, especially Shapi puppies are afraid of water. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the training of puppies taking a bath for the first time. Fill the washbasin with warm water, put the puppies into the basin and expose their head and neck. This will make the dogs feel comfortable and will not be unwilling to take a bath in the future.

The correct bathing method is as follows: stand the dog's head to your left, block the lower part of the dog's head to the chest with your left hand, and fix the dog's body. Put your right hand in the bathtub, wet gently with warm water according to the sequence of hips, back, abdomen and back, hind limbs, shoulders and forelimbs, apply Shampoo (preferably pet shampoo), rub gently, comb and wash quickly with a comb, and press both sides of the anus with your fingers before washing to squeeze out the secretion of anal gland. Cover the two ears from the lower palate with your left or right hand, and rinse gently from the top of your head with clean water to prevent water from flowing into your ears. Then rinse all parts of your body with clean water from front to back, immediately wrap your head with a towel and wipe the water dry. Long haired dogs can be dried with a hair dryer. While blowing, they should comb their hair continuously. As long as the dog is not dry, they should comb until the hair is dry.

4. Precautions during bathing

Be sure to comb the hair before taking a bath, so that the tangled hair can be combed out to prevent the tangled hair from becoming more serious; Large pieces of dirt can also be removed for easy cleaning. Comb the inner part of the thigh, armpit and other parts of the dog, especially the tip of the thigh and armpit. When combing, in order to reduce and avoid the pain of the dog, hold the hair root with one hand and comb with the other hand.


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