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What is a pet urine pad? What is the use method of pet urine pad?

1. Pet urine pad is a disposable sanitary product specially designed for pet dogs or cats. It has su

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1. Pet urine pad is a disposable sanitary product specially designed for pet dogs or cats. It has super safe water absorption capacity, and the specially designed surface material can keep dry for a long time. The "special deodorant" contained in the toilet pad can help pets to keep their urine clean and tidy for a long time. Pet urine pad can improve your quality of life and save you a lot of valuable time dealing with pet feces every day. In Japan and European and American countries, pet urine pad is almost a necessary "daily necessities" for every pet owner.

2. Usage

(1) When you go out with your pet dog, you can put it in the car, pet cage, or hotel room.

(2) Using it at home can save the trouble of dealing with pet feces.

(3) If you want your puppy to learn to urinate at a fixed point, you can put a pet diaper on the kennel, and then spray a defecation training agent on the pet diaper, which can promote adaptation to the new environment. When the dog has a disturbing excretory reaction, immediately urge it to go to the urine pad; If the dog excretes outside the urine pad, it shall be severely reprimanded and the surrounding environment shall be cleaned without leaving odor; Once the dog excretes correctly on the urine pad, encourage it. In this way, the dog will quickly learn to urinate at a fixed point. Here's another point: if the dog owner can use the pet urine pad with the toilet or pet cage, the effect will be better.

(4) Used in the production of female dogs.

3. Precautions

(1) If the dog owner has a baby at home, keep the pet urine pad out of the reach of children's hands.

(2) Don't let your dog get into the habit of biting the urine pad.

(3) In case the pad is swallowed by your dog, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

(4) Keep away from fire.

Pet diapers have a more useful function, that is, they can assist in training dogs to urinate, especially for puppies. Because dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, the olfactory nerve of dogs is densely distributed on the nasal mucosa, accounting for 4 times the area of human beings, and the sensitivity to smell is more than 40 times higher than that of human beings. Therefore, dogs feel strongly about the inducer in pet urine pad.

Characteristics of pet urine pad

Generally speaking, pet urine pads have the following characteristics: (1) the surface layer is made of high-quality non-woven fabric, which can quickly penetrate and absorb; (2) The interior is wood pulp and polymer, which has good absorption capacity. Wood pulp firmly locks the internal water; (3) Pet urine pads are generally made of high-quality PE waterproof membrane, which is relatively strong and not easy to be scratched by dogs.


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