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Pet supplies purchasing channel

With the development of the pet industry, both online pet stores and physical pet stores need a good

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With the development of the pet industry, both online pet stores and physical pet stores need a good source of goods as a strong support for pet store business projects. A good supply of goods can be said to be one of the core competitiveness of pet stores. Let's take a look at the channels for pet shops to purchase goods. There are many pet store sources in the domestic pet store industry market. For example, pet supplies can be purchased directly by the manufacturer, or agency pet stores can be purchased through the local kennel or petog and the dog industry alliance all over the country. Generally, the pet products are purchased through regular channels. The quality of pet products is guaranteed and the profit is considerable. There are also some low-end pet products that can be purchased from the local pet market. Basically, there are hundreds of brands of dog food that you have never seen in the pet store market. This kind of dog food belongs to low-end products and is suitable for a large number of wholesale.

img_ 1084.jpg as the professional pet shop faces the middle and high-end consumer groups, which are all people with consumption ability, the pet shop should try its best to produce some high-quality brand products. Middle and high-end consumers demand higher quality and actual value of pet products, rather than just filling the dog. Pedogue introduced some channels for purchasing pet products. (1) Pet products manufacturer. With the rapid development of China's pet industry, there are also some enterprises engaged in the research, design, production and processing of pet products in China, ranging from ordinary collars for cats and dogs to retractable traction belts, pet clothes, masks, tags, toys, cages, rice bowls, etc. Most of these enterprises learn from foreign experience, introduce foreign advanced equipment for production and operation, and also provide customized services, which can be processed according to the different requirements of users.

(2) Pet supplies wholesaler. Pet supplies wholesalers are a link directly connected with manufacturers, and play a bridge role between pet stores and pet supplies manufacturers. Pay attention to the reputation of pet supplies wholesalers, whether the products are comprehensive and whether the quality is guaranteed. (3) Pet and its supplies exhibition. In recent years, pet and pet products exhibitions have been in full swing in China. As we all know in the pet industry, every city or region will have pet products exhibitions from time to time, which are exhibitions of major brands. The source of this article is transferred from the official website of paiduoge. Please indicate the source for reprint! Padoge is committed to pet store franchise, pet chain store, pet grooming training, pet hospital franchise, etc. it is a franchise chain organization registered by the Ministry of Commerce. At present, it is the largest domestic pet chain franchise organization, creating a Chinese pet store brand that belongs to the world.


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