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Comparison between electronics, analog electronics and digital electronics

Electronics is more basic, biased towards physics, and belongs to the basic discipline~For electroni

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Electronics is more basic, biased towards physics, and belongs to the basic discipline~

For electronics, majors with low demand will not learn~

For example, the Department of telecommunications~

He needs to know the most basic circuit knowledge, but there is no need for the basic knowledge of electronics~

So they don't study electronics~

Analog electricity and digital electricity are applied disciplines~

Analog electricity is the analysis of analog circuits~

For current and voltage~

The most basic household circuit is analog circuit~

The deeper aspect of analog electricity is the use of micro electric circuits such as amplifiers~

Digital electricity is a kind of logic circuit~

Its voltage is only high and low~

Common high level is 5V and low level is 0V~

For example, the non gate in digital electricity~

Input a low level~

The output ground is high level~

Other logic gates include and not, or not, same or, XOR and so on~

Digital electricity is to use these logic gates to form a circuit~

Realize logical functions~

CPU is a typical digital circuit~


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