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Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics

Physical Electronics is the intersection and integration of modern physics, electronics, optics, opt

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Physical Electronics is the intersection and integration of modern physics, electronics, optics, optoelectronics, quantum electronics and related technologies and disciplines; Optoelectronics is a technical subject formed by the combination of Optics and electronics. However, these two disciplines are somewhat related to optoelectronics. They are usually research directions such as optical engineering, semiconductor materials or precision instruments. Usually, more people enter research institutes for scientific research and teaching in Colleges and universities, followed by high-tech enterprises. In fact, these two are interdisciplinary. What you do depends on what your professional school focuses on. Some schools focus on physics, some schools focus on electronics, some schools focus on theory, some schools focus on experiment, and some schools focus on engineering. Generally speaking, physics and electricity usually focus on physics, which belongs to the discipline of science. Science can do a lot of things, but the employment scope is too narrow, because what you learn is divorced from society, and what you study is decades advanced than that in today's society; Some optoelectronics will be biased towards engineering, and employment will be better. I suggest you do research on the school. These disciplines are too big. It's really bad to introduce them. You can't send all the information in Baidu Encyclopedia to you! No grade! The difference between undergraduates and postgraduates is that undergraduates have a wide range of employment. You can choose a relatively large number of positions and units, but there is little chance to engage in scientific research. Now they can enter scientific research positions only after they are masters and doctors; The employment scope of graduate students in science and engineering will be relatively narrow. For example, if you enter a liquid crystal panel enterprise, undergraduate students in Applied Physics will consider it, but graduate students in quantum computing will never have the opportunity. This is the biggest difference. Of course, the salary is also different. This is common sense. The specific development after entering the enterprise also depends on the individual. This is also common sense! As long as primary school graduates can enter foreign enterprises, they may also be promoted faster than undergraduates from famous universities.


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