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What is the definition of power electronics technology?

Power electronic technology is a new electronic technology applied in the field of power, which is t

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Power electronic technology is a new electronic technology applied in the field of power, which is the technology of using power electronic devices (such as thyristor, GTO, IGBT, etc.) to transform and control electric energy. The "power" power transformed by power electronic technology can be as large as hundreds of MW or even GW, or as small as several w or even below 1W. Unlike information electronic technology based on information processing, power electronic technology is mainly used for power transformation.

Discipline analysis:

Power electronic technology is a new subject based on electronics, electrical principle and automatic control. Because it is a high-power electrical technology and mostly serves the industry applying strong electricity, it is often classified as electrician. The content of power electronic technology mainly includes power electronic devices, power electronic circuits, power electronic devices and their systems. Power electronic devices take semiconductor as the basic material, and the most commonly used material is monocrystalline silicon; Its theoretical basis is semiconductor physics; Its technology is semiconductor device technology. Microelectronics technology has been widely used in modern new power electronic devices. Power electronic circuit absorbs the theoretical basis of electronics, and develops many power conversion circuits according to the characteristics of devices and the requirements of power conversion. These circuits also include various control, trigger, protection, display, information processing, relay contact and other secondary circuits and peripheral circuits. Using these circuits, according to different application objects, a complete machine for various purposes is composed, which is called power electronic device. These devices often form a system with loads and supporting equipment. Electronics, electrical engineering, automatic control, signal detection and processing and other technologies are often widely used in these devices and systems.

The role of power electronics technology

(1) Optimize the use of electric energy. Through the treatment of electric energy by power electronic technology, the use of electric energy is reasonable, efficient and economical, and the optimal use of electric energy is realized. For example, in terms of power saving, according to the investigation of 14 aspects such as fan and water pump, electric traction, rolling mill smelting, light industrial papermaking, industrial kiln, induction heating, electric welding, chemical industry and electrolysis, the total potential power saving is equivalent to 16% of the national power generation in 1990. Therefore, the promotion and application of power electronic technology is a strategic measure for energy saving, and the general energy-saving effect can reach 10% - 40%. Many devices have been included in the promotion and application projects of energy saving in China.

(2) Transform traditional industries and develop emerging industries such as mechatronics. According to the prediction of developed countries, 95% of electric energy will be reused after being processed by power electronic technology in the future, that is, 95% of all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment for Industry and civil use are related to the power electronic industry. In particular, power electronic technology is the medium for weak current to control strong current and an important interface between mechanical and electrical equipment and computers. It creates conditions for traditional industries and emerging industries to adopt microelectronic technology, It has become the guarantee and foundation for giving full play to the role of computers.

(3) The development of high-frequency power electronic technology and frequency conversion technology will make electromechanical equipment break through the tradition of power frequency and develop in the direction of high-frequency. To achieve the best working efficiency, the volume of electromechanical equipment will be reduced by several times or dozens of times, the response speed will reach high speed, and can adapt to any reference signal, realize no noise and have new functions and uses.

(4) The progress of intelligent power electronics integrates information processing and power processing to a certain extent, and integrates microelectronic technology with power electronics technology. Its development may lead to major reform of electronic technology. Some people even suggested that the next revolution in electronics will take place in the application field of electronic technology aimed at industrial equipment and power grid, and power electronic technology will bring people to the edge of the second electronic revolution.


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