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Introduction to power electronics technology

Concept definitionPower electronics technology, also known as "power electronics technology&quo

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Concept definition

Power electronics technology, also known as "power electronics technology" (English: Power Electronics), referred to as PE, is an electronic technology applied in the field of power, using power electronic components to transform and control electric energy. Power electronics credits include power electronic component manufacturing technology and converter technology. It is generally believed that the first thyristor developed by General Electric in 1957 is the symbol of the birth of power electronics.

Power electronic technology is divided into two branches: power electronic device manufacturing technology and current conversion technology (rectifier, inverter, chopper, frequency conversion and converter).

It has become an indispensable professional basic course for modern electrical engineering and automation specialty, and plays an important role in cultivating talents of this specialty. [2]


General industry:

AC / DC motor, electrochemical industry, petroleum exploitation, metallurgical industry.


Electrified orbit, automotive electronics, aerospace, navigation


UAV, fighter, submarine, etc

Power system:

HVDC transmission, flexible AC transmission and power generation system


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