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A brief introduction to microelectronics and solid state electronics

Information optoelectronics and optical communicationResearch contents: high efficiency semiconducto

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Information optoelectronics and optical communication

Research contents: high efficiency semiconductor lasers, high efficiency and high brightness light emitting tubes and new mid far infrared detectors with new physical ideas and innovative device structures; research on optical communication, photoelectric signal, image processing, photoelectric detection, control and other laser, luminescence, infrared optical electronic information technologies and application systems. There are post doctoral stations in this direction.

Ultra high speed microelectronics and high speed communication technology

This direction mainly studies heterojunction UHF (high-speed) devices and UHF (high-speed) circuits with new physical ideas and structures, especially UHF low-noise sige/si HBT, IC and optical communication, mobile communication, high-speed computing related circuits and communication application systems, which have extremely important scientific value and broad application prospects.

Power semiconductor devices and power integrated circuits

This direction includes two aspects: power electronic devices and smart power integrated circuits, and microwave power semiconductor devices and microwave integrated circuits. Brief introduction is as follows:

The fundamental purpose of the research on power electronic devices and smart power integrated circuits is to transform and control electric energy. Its application has penetrated into various fields such as communication, mechatronics and so on. Our laboratory is engaged in research work in the international frontier and has put forward many new device structures and working principles with international innovative ideas, such as ultra-high speed bipolar power switches with new structures, ultra-low loss IGBT with new structures, high-speed integrated circuits with new structures, etc.

The research of microwave power semiconductor devices and microwave integrated circuits is the heart of microwave equipment and systems, such as microwave communication, radar, and various military electronic countermeasures. Our laboratory is engaged in the research of new devices and integrated circuits with international innovative structure.

Semiconductor device reliability

This field is engaged in research on reliability physics of microelectronic devices (various types of discrete semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and modules). Reliability is listed as one of the four common technologies, which is the most active research and development field in the world. The current research direction mainly includes four directions:

Research on vlsi/ulsi interconnection technology and reliability: with the high-density and high-speed of circuits, interconnection technology has become a bottleneck for the further development of vlsi/ulsi. Our research office is at the forefront of international research in this field.

Research on the reliability of high-speed microelectronic devices and MMICs: it mainly studies the reliability and evaluation technology of GaAs based and si/sige HBT high-speed devices and MMICs.

Reliability and evaluation technology of Gan wide band gap semiconductor devices: focus on the research of wide band gap semiconductor materials, devices and related reliability problems.

Semiconductor thermal measurement, thermal failure analysis and thermal design: it mainly studies various power semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and optoelectronic devices, various thermal measurement technologies (nm region), thermal failure analysis and thermal design. This research office is at the forefront of international research in this field.

Modern integration module and system integration technology

This direction includes two aspects of research content. The first is to study the modern integrated modules and components represented by IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) and MCM (multi chip module): the working principle, design and manufacturing method of modules and components, packaging thermal stress design, application and reliability, system test method and simulation design; The second is to study semi custom ASIC design and modern system integration technology.


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