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Overview of flexible electronics

Flexible electronics is a technology that installs electronic devices on flexible plastic substrates

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Flexible electronics is a technology that installs electronic devices on flexible plastic substrates to form flexible electronic circuits. The flexible base plate is polyimide or conductive transparent polyester film. In addition, flexible circuits can be screen printed on polyester film. Flexible electronics is manufactured by using the same components used in solid-state printed circuit boards, allowing the board shape to fit the desired shape, or flexibly changing the shape in use. These flexible circuits are printed by photolithography. These layer circuits can be integrated by layer method and have some advantages in many applications:

Tightly integrated electronic package, which requires three-axis electrical connection, such as camera (static use).

During normal use, flexible electrical contact in container is required, such as mobile phone (dynamic application).

Flexible circuits are often used in the connection between various applications; These places require flexibility and space saving. Solid circuit boards or manual assembly lines are not allowed. In addition to cameras, flexible circuits are generally used in the manufacture of computer keyboards; Most keyboards currently use flexible circuits as switch matrices.

In liquid crystal manufacturing, glass is used as the base plate, such as thin flexible plastic or metal foil. The whole system can be made flexible. Generally, the film deposited on the bottom plate is very thin; About a few microns.

Organic light emitting diodes are generally used to replace the back light of flexible displays to make flexible organic light emitting diode displays.

Photovoltaic cell

Flexible solar cells have been developed as the energy source of artificial satellites. These batteries are light, can be rolled up and launched, and easy to deploy, making them very suitable for launch.

On the other hand, Cu in GA bis selenide solar cells are light and soft, making them ideal portable power sources (including insulating sheath). The function of Cu in GA binase is 1.5 to 2.0 times higher than that of thin film solar materials.


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