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What are the characteristics and conditions of the three original fabrics

Three original organization: it is the simplest fabric organization, also known as basic organizatio

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Three original organization: it is the simplest fabric organization, also known as basic organization. It includes plain weave, twill weave and satin weave.

1、 Plain weave

It refers to the fabric in which warp and weft are interwoven every other yarn. Fabric features: there are many interwoven points, the fabric density is not high, and the surface is flat, and the appearance effect of the front and back of the fabric is the same; The texture is firm, scraped and breathable.

2、 Twill weave

The other is the fabric with warp and weft interlaced at least once every two yarns. This yarn arrangement adds more warp and weft interlacing points, which changes the fabric structure. Fabric features: this kind of fabric can be divided into front and back, with high fabric density and strong three-dimensional sense of organization; It feels soft and thick to touch.

3、 Satin weave

The last one is satin weave, which is the most complex of the three original fabrics. It is a fabric that is interwoven by warp and weft at least three yarns apart. Fabric features: satin fabric has higher density, thicker fabric and the highest cost; Satin fabric is soft, smooth and glossy, but its fastness is the worst.

Extended data:

Fabric classification

1. Yarn dyed fabric

It is to dye the yarn first and then manufacture the fabric. The color level of this kind of fabric is very stable, and the color is relatively the same between different batches.

2. Dyed fabric

Dyed fabrics are completely opposite. First, the fabrics are woven, and then the whole piece is put into the dye vat for dyeing with the fabrics as raw materials. There may be slight color difference in different batches of fabrics.

3. Jacquard fabric

Jacquard refers to floating thread organization. When dyeing cloth, floating thread (or colored yarn) can be formed where there are patterns, and other places can be treated normally.

4. Cut pile fabric

The process of cashmere cutting fabric is complex and the output is very low. In history, it is only used by royal families and nobles. It has many varieties, including jacquard loop cut velvet, jacquard cut velvet, plain velvet and so on. Comfortable skin, high maintenance cost of fabric.


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