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What are the advantages of Italian wool fabric?

Advantages of wool fabric: the wool fabric feels soft and thick, and the fibers of the fabric are ti

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Advantages of wool fabric: the wool fabric feels soft and thick, and the fibers of the fabric are tightly locked together. This structure also determines that the fabric will have better thermal insulation performance. The native wool is generally white, but in order to meet the consumption, businesses will make wool into work clothes with different colors. Wool has particularly excellent water absorption performance and can absorb 1 / 3 of its own weight. This proportion of water content is particularly consistent with the physiological needs of the skin, because wool work clothes feel particularly comfortable after wearing. There is no need to mention the warmth retention performance. The warmth retention of wool is one of the higher natural fibers. For example, wool fabrics will be used in sweaters, down jackets and even suits. Wool fabric has a good overall draping feeling, soft finish and generally will not be pleated. Pure wool will have better air permeability. The disadvantage of wool fabrics is that wool is a natural fiber, so they do not have the performance of bacteriostasis and insect prevention, and the fabric will turn yellow after long-term storage. High grade work clothes made of wool usually need dry cleaning, because the wool will shrink and pilling after washing, so it will be more troublesome to take care of wool fabrics. The price of wool will be relatively high. For example, custom suits made of pure wool basically start at 10000 yuan. Of course, if you want to be cheaper, you can use wool and other chemical fibers to blend chemical fiber fabrics.


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