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Characteristics and functions of polyester and nylon fabrics

Underwear, including bra, vest, underwear, T-shirt, T-shirt, culture shirt, shirt, cotton sweater, c

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Underwear, including bra, vest, underwear, T-shirt, T-shirt, culture shirt, shirt, cotton sweater, cotton trousers, etc., are clothes in direct contact with human skin, which are closely related to your health. Choose underwear, preferably natural fiber products. Among them, cotton products are more suitable, with good moisture absorption and warmth retention, and moderate price. Synthetic fiber products such as nylon underwear and polyester shirt have poor moisture absorption, which is not conducive to the absorption and distribution of human sweat, and it is difficult to adjust the microclimate environment between skin and underwear. Therefore, close fitting wearing often feels muggy. It is worth noting that synthetic fiber underwear can also cause skin damage: the harm of nylon comes from the residual chemical - acetolactam, which can cause dry, rough, thickened skin, and even chapped and dermatitis. In addition, it has antigenicity to the skin, which may cause allergic reactions. The skin damage of wool underwear is the same as that of polyester fiber, accounting for 17%. Therefore, although wool is expensive and warm, it is not an ideal material for underwear.

Specifically, underwear materials can be divided into the following types:

1. Silk: good touch and material, no static electricity, sweat absorption and ventilation. The only disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. When washing, you must rub it gently or dry clean it. Velvet has the elegance and luxury that cotton does not have, and its natural smoothness is also what Leica lacks. If French lace or Swiss embroidery is used with velvet for decoration, I'm afraid any other fabric can't achieve the gorgeous effect.

Cotton printed underwear is comfortable to wear, which is breathable for young girls. In recent years, manufacturers also like to blend cotton with all kinds of fibers. Adding chemical fiber into cotton, especially for adjustable underwear, not only has the effect of support, but also won't be muggy. Today's Ladies still prefer cotton underwear. Of course, because of the unique permeability and nature of cotton, the wearing feeling is different from that of other fabrics.

3. Nylon: nylon material is strong and will not deform. Most bra shoulder straps are made of this material.

4. Polyurethane: it has stronger elasticity and is more elastic than rubber. It is often used as chest buckle to prevent discomfort caused by too tight binding when the body is twisted.

5. Lycra: Lycra with rubber like texture is a fabric produced in the 1960s. The purpose of the invention was to replace the rubber of corset tight underwear. Therefore, the characteristics of Leica itself are elastic, comfortable and supporting, which makes the underwear more close to the body, not easy to lose shape and wrinkle. Its fine, thin and smooth texture and excellent elasticity deduce the "second skin" incisively and vividly. The bra, underwear, swimsuit and even socks of Lycra fabric are full of praise for their close fitting body feeling and eye-catching visual feeling. Coupled with all kinds of beautiful lace, it can be said to have reached a beautiful situation.

6. Novel fabrics: such as Khmer, singed mercerized cotton, silk, etc., with compact structure, smooth as silk, soft feel, elasticity, elegant color, comfort, no shrinkage and no fading. High tech elastic fabric, extremely smooth; Silk, innovative fabrics and printed cotton have become the first choice of today's designers.


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