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What role does fabric play in interior decoration

If there are only hard walls and floors, hard furniture, hard seats and hard bed boards in the bedro

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If there are only hard walls and floors, hard furniture, hard seats and hard bed boards in the bedroom, no one will want to go home. Why does home always feel warm and soft? In addition to the strong family affection, there are fabrics that silently warm our hearts. After a hard day's work, people need to go into their comfort zone to stretch their tired limbs and relax their body and mind. The soft environment created by the fabric just soothes the tired limbs and tense nerves, making people feel good comfort and dependability in psychology and physiology. Fabric, which is closely related to people's life, is a soft decoration carefully selected and configured by the owner. It plays a very wide role in interior decoration. Whether in beautifying the home environment or in terms of actual functions, it appears in the layout of home decoration with its own unique charm and is loved by people.

Fabric curtain is a garment for windows in winter and an umbrella for windows in summer. It plays a very important role in windproofing and shading, reducing noise, isolating dust and regulating temperature. It is rouman's gauze and dancing skirt, which give you unlimited reverie. It is the colored pen in the hands of artists. You can paint colorful colors, express your favorite, and decorate a beautiful mural with your inspiration.

The bedding in the fabric is an alternative "dress" of the house. It is an indispensable and important part of soft decoration. It is also a fabric that can best reflect the owner's taste and personality. The colorful and fashionable bedspread can not only block dust and remove dust, but also a dynamic picture in the bedroom. It changes with the seasons, and can create different effects. It is plain and elegant, gorgeous and gorgeous. You can enjoy the romantic warmth in the private space, and have fun in it.

The accessories in the fabric are a small flower in the soft decoration. It is colorful and has different shapes. It is dotted on the sofa, tables, chairs and walls. It is the embodiment of beauty and conveys the enjoyment of beauty. In the midsummer season, the elegant cool colors make people feel cool, and the bright warm colors make people feel warm.

Fabric can cultivate people's temperament and inspire people's interest, which is very popular with consumers. Fabric is soft, but also psychic. Its color, shape and function play a very important role in decoration. Colorful fabrics also bring a touch of bright colors to more and more rooms for people to enjoy.


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