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What effect does amino acid drink have?

time:2022-05-25popularity:author: 小编

Amino acid beverage can quickly supplement the required amino acid elements. The specific effects are as follows:

1. Hangover: promote alcohol metabolism, hangover and reduce alcohol damage to the liver. People with more entertainment should be paid attention to.

2. Refreshing: refreshing and anti fatigue, often staying up late and under great pressure of work and study, which has a prominent effect on drivers, white-collar workers and students.

3. Enhance immunity and memory: it is more important for the elderly and children.

4. Slow down muscle fatigue and quickly recover physical fitness: people who like sports need it most.

In the process of improving immunity, the supplement of amino acids strengthens the synthesis of egg chromatin and improves immune function. Therefore, amino acids are very good for enhancing resistance.


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