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Efficacy, function and taboo of jasmine tea

time:2022-05-25popularity:author: 小编

Taboo of jasmine tea drinking: jasmine tea is cold in nature, so people with weak physique are not suitable to drink too much. If people with weak physique often drink jasmine tea, it may lead to dizziness, dizziness, vomiting or physical decline. Therefore, people with weak physique should drink jasmine tea as little as possible. [the physically weak include the elderly, children, gastrointestinal discomfort, menstrual women, pregnant women, women in labor, lactation and menopause]

Function of jasmine tea: jasmine tea has the function of relieving depression, dispersing knot, removing fat and eliminating food. It is very suitable for tea friends who want to keep slim (but it does not have the function of losing weight). In addition, jasmine tea has the function of whitening and beautifying skin, which can bring beauty and health benefits to female friends. Drinking jasmine tea occasionally can also resist bacteria and inflammation, It can inhibit a variety of bacteria for the human body and treat red eyes and pain caused by fire.


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