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Beverage and health information

time:2022-05-25popularity:author: 小编

(1) Beverage type

1、 Carbonated beverages:

1. Cola drink: it contains high caffeine, and caffeine is a central stimulant, which can stimulate the increase of gastric acid secretion and make the human brain excited, breathing faster and heart rate faster. Therefore, people who often have insomnia should not drink it.

2. Soft drink: it does not contain vitamins or minerals. Its main components are sugar, pigment, spices and carbonated water. There are almost no nutrients except calories.

Drinking carbonated drinks is easy to make children get diabetes, and people get esophageal cancer.

2、 Milk beverage

1. Vitamin A and protein are the most abundant in milk. Lactose is a carbohydrate contained in milk, which can promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in human intestines. Therefore, milk is called "nutritional warehouse". Children should be encouraged to drink more milk.

2. Yoghurt: it is made by adding lactic acid bacteria to milk and fermentation. Lactic acid bacteria can improve the acidity in the human digestive tract, inhibit the reproduction of spoilage bacteria, promote intestinal peristalsis and make the stool unobstructed. Yogurt is a better nutritional drink, especially suitable for children.

3、 Tea beverage: tea has a good health care effect on human body because it contains tea tannins, tea polyphenols and other components. In addition to the effects of thirst quenching, diuresis and heatstroke prevention, regular drinking also has the effects of preventing coronary heart disease and gaining weight loss and fitness.

4、 Fruit juice drink: low in calories, rich in nutrients and rich in taste. However, the artificial pigments in fruit juice drinks can not be ignored. If a small amount of fruit juice and vegetable drinks can be made at home, without adding pigments, essence and saccharin, children can also obtain vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Why not.

5、 Water drink: it is colorless and tasteless. It can promote energy release and metabolism. Its osmotic pressure is close to normal saline, which is conducive to cell absorption, and its ability to dissolve fat is much higher than that of ordinary water.

(2) Beverages suitable for children

(1) fruit juice or fruit juice beverage

Fruit juice includes raw fruit juice and concentrated fruit juice; Fruit juice drinks include soft drinks and fruit juice water prepared after fruit juice dilution. The former generally needs to be diluted before drinking, while the latter can generally be drunk directly. Fruit juice is not only the source of vitamin C, but also a good source of carotene. Fruit juice is also rich in mineral potassium. Children can make up for it by drinking fruit juice due to the small amount of vegetables in their diet. When choosing fruit juice, products that have recently been delivered should be selected.

(2) mineral water

Mineral water refers to groundwater with medical significance. But in terms of nutrients, these waters mainly contain some minerals and trace elements, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and so on. Children drinking mineral water can increase their mineral intake and contribute to growth and fertility.

(3) milk and milk containing beverages

Yogurt and milk are rich in protein, fat, heat energy, calcium, vitamin A, B1 and B2. Milk drinks include milk juice and some dairy products, such as ice cream and ice cream. At present, in China, protein and calcium are the two main elements lacking in children's diet. Regular drinking of milk, yogurt and other beverages not only quench thirst, but also contribute to children's growth and development due to the intake of protein.

(4) solid beverage

Solid drinks made from fruits and other raw materials contain the same nutrients as fruit juice, rich in vitamin C, zinc and iron, and can be drunk by children with zinc or iron deficiency. Normal children can also drink a small amount.

(3) Beverages not suitable for children

(1) various alcoholic beverages

Because they contain different proportions of alcohol, which can stimulate digestive tract and damage liver function, they are not suitable for children.

⑵ coffee, Coca Cola and tea drinks

These drinks contain caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system and has an adverse effect on the development of children's brain. Children should drink less or not as much as possible.

(3) soft water prepared with synthetic essence, pigment and sweetener

This drink contains a large number of artificial food additives. As children's tissues and organs are in the process of growth and development, their digestion, detoxification and excretion functions are weak. After drinking, some substances may be stored in the body tissues, which will have an adverse impact on the future.


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