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What drinks can I drink during weight loss

time:2022-05-28popularity:author: 小编

Beverages are rarely effective in reducing weight

1. tea beverage Green tea should be the most helpful to lose weight However, it must be noted that some tea drinks contain high sugar, which is not conducive to weight loss Must buy low sugar or sugar free type;

2. diet coke or diet coke is OK, but not recommended After all, carbonated drinks are not very healthy;

3. fresh fruit juice is the best if conditions permit Medium and low fat milk It was a good morning;

4. coffee Coffee is beneficial to metabolism, digestion and diuresis


Sugar free tea is the world's most popular drink next to water, and it is also one of the few drinks that can be drunk freely. The reason to drink freely is that whether it is cold or hot, it is zero calories. The study also found that the tea polyphenols contained in the green tea mixture can also accelerate your metabolism, which means that you can burn more calories without changing the amount of exercise.

However, if sugar is added to this good drink, it will no longer be an unimpeded healthy drink. Whenever possible, try to choose sugar free. If you want to buy a bottled drink, you'd better look at the label carefully. In a bottle or a bag of drinks, it is better not to exceed 4 grams of sugar.

If you make your own tea drink, you can try the iced cucumber green tea recommended by Dr. Maggie Moore of the American tea association:

(1) First boil a liter of water, let it cool for 10 minutes, and then add 8-10 bags of green tea. This can make the taste stronger without damaging the healthy ingredients of tea and making tea too bitter.

(2) Soak the tea bag in water for 1 minute, then take out the tea bag.

(3) Select a cucumber, peel and cut into pieces, leaving 8-10 slices to decorate the edge of the cup.

(4) Choose a teaspoon of fresh ginger, peel and chop.

(5) Then, divide the cut cucumber and ginger into 4 cups with ice cubes.

(6) Finally, add 240ml of tea to each cup of water, and insert cucumber slices on the edge of the cup.


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