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How much protein does the state stipulate in coconut juice drinks?

time:2022-05-30popularity:author: 小编

Coconut juice beverage

Coconut contains 3.5%~4.5% protein, 27%~35% fat, total sugar ≤ 40% and total solids ≥ 70%. Coconut juice drink is loved by consumers because of its unique strong coconut flavor and pure quality, and has become a best-selling product in hot juice drinks.

Coconut milk (juice) beverage is a product made of fresh and mature coconut as raw material, coconut milk is processed from its pulp, and water, sugar, etc. are added into it. The protein content in the finished product is not less than 0.5%. The food additives in coconut milk include sucrose, sodium caseinate, xanthan gum, sodium cyclamate, sodium citrate, sodium isoascorbate, ethyl maltol and an appropriate amount of essence.


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