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Requirements for water for fruit juice beverage production and processing

time:2022-06-02popularity:author: 小编

The requirements for water for fruit juice beverage production and processing are to adopt different water quality treatment methods to meet the requirements for product water on the basis of meeting the sanitary standard for drinking water GB5749.

Water for products: the water for products is different due to different product varieties. According to its different uses, it can be divided into two categories: product water directly used as products, such as mineral water, drinking purified water, etc.

Water used for dissolving, soaking, diluting and filling raw materials of products, such as saccharification feeding water for beer production, sugar dissolving and batching water for soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juice and protein drinks, syrup preparation, batching and filling water for carbonated drinks, washing water for citric acid extraction section, feeding water for starter rice in yellow rice wine production, etc.

Main information:

The fruit and vegetable juice beverage is not completely sterilized in the processing process or is re polluted by microorganisms after sterilization. Microorganisms grow and reproduce in the fruit and vegetable juice beverage, decompose pectin in the fruit and vegetable juice, and produce precipitating substances. After the microorganism dies, precipitation will also occur; Inadequate filtration during production will also produce precipitation.

The processing water does not meet the requirements of soft drink water, and the content of anion and cation in the water is high, which reacts with some components in fruit and vegetable juice and produces precipitation. The quality of sugar or food additive used in mixing is poor, and excessive use will lead to turbidity or sedimentation.


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